Home Remedies For Piles = Change Your Diet & Habits

The term piles (medically known as Hemorrhoids) is used to refer to a bothersome condition whereby the veins around the lower rectum (anus) become swollen and inflamed. This condition is caused by an increase in pressure of either external or internal veins that surround the anal canal. Piles can be classified in different types depending on their degree of severity and their location. Those who suffer from this condition can attest that this is not only a painful condition, but also an embarrassing one to suffer from. Assuming that you are already suffering from this condition and is having a hard time dealing with it, you are probably looking for effective ways of getting rid of the piles once and for all. Well, there are some well-known natural home remedies for piles that have been proven to be very helpful in relieving itchy and painful piles.

Why should you consider natural home remedies for piles?

Before you try out the various documented home remedies for piles, it is important for you understand the various reasons as to why you should consider them. One of the reasons why you should use natural home remedies for piles is the fact that they do not cause any undesirable side effects. Unlike medical and surgical treatments, home remedies do not trigger bothersome symptoms or cause any sort of negative impact on one’s health. Another reason is that, home remedies are easily available and inexpensive. Most of them are practical, whereas others are dietary in nature. This means that, you will not have to buy them since they only require you to make some lifestyle changes that will improve your well being.

It is also very important for the cause of this condition to be identified before using any of the home remedies for piles. This is because piles can be triggered by various factors, and each one of them requires to be addressed differently.

Dietary Tips For Relieving Piles

milk and yogurtMaking dietary changes is one of the steps that you can take when looking forward to relieve piles. The following is what you should do: [list style=”add”]

  • Increase your fiber intake. Lack of fiber in the diet is one of the main causes of hemorrhoids. Therefore, eating foods that are rich in fiber is one of the effective ways of home remedies for piles.
  • Drink lots of water. Increasing your water intake per day can also help a lot in relieving piles. This will enable your body to produce soft stool that will be easy to discharge.
  • Lower your salt intake. Increased salt intake can lead to dehydration in the body. When the body is dehydrated, it can reabsorb the moisture in the stool, making it hard and difficult to pass. Taking salt excessively also forces the body to retain fluids in the circulatory system, thus causes the renal veins to bulge. Therefore, it is advisable to lower your salt intake to ensure that your body stays hydrated at all times.
  • Control your caloric intake. Consumption of too much calories leads to weight gain. Overweight people are at a high risk of suffering from piles, since they tend to put too much pressure on their rectal veins. Therefore, if you are already overweight, it would be wise if you consumed healthy foods that will facilitate weight loss.
  • Taking ½ teaspoon of unroasted black cumin seeds with one glass of water a day can also help a lot in relieving piles. Taking ¼ to ½ cup of radish juice twice a day is also believed to be a very helpful. Boiling one ripe banana in one cup of milk and taking the mixture can also serve as one of the effective home remedies for piles.[/list]

Practical Tips For Relieving Piles

Most of the natural home remedies for piles are practical in nature. The following are some of them: [list style=”add”]

  • Using a cold compressor. You can use a cold compressor (ice pack) to ease pain or itchiness on the area that is affected by piles. It is advisable for you to avoid placing ice directly against your skin, but instead wrap it in a clean cloth and place it gently on the affected area. It is recommended for you to do this for at least 30 minutes at a time to relive swelling and pain.
  • Taking warm baths. Sitting in a bath of warm water can be a good way of easing pain and itches caused by piles. It is advisable for you to take several warm baths a day, or as soon as you feel itchy around the anal area. It is advisable for you to do this before and after bowel movements. Taking a warm bath before bowel movement encourages the bowels to move. Taking a warm bath after bowel movement makes the piles less itchy and painful.
  • Using wipes instead of toilet paper. Rubbing inflamed skin with toilet paper after passing stool can exacerbate the piles, thus advisable for you to use wet wipes as they are far gentler. Un-perfumed moist wipes are the best for relieving discomfort on the affected area.
  • Using correct toilet posture. While in the toilet, it is advisable to maintain a specific posture that can allow easy movement of bowel. It is advisable to put your feet on a small stool and lean forward while resting your arms across your knees. This posture helps to relieve strain on your rectum, thus reduces pain and itchiness.
  • Exercising lightly. While suffering from piles, it is recommended to have less strenuous exercises such as walking or swimming. Sitting or standing still for long periods of time reduces your circulation, thus advisable for you to move around to keep your circulation in order and prevent constipation. Strenuous exercises and sudden movements should be avoided as well since they can put more pressure on the piles.
  • Avoid scratching the anal area. As much as you will feel a great urge to scratch the itchy anal area, it is highly advisable for you to do it. Scratching can cause breakage of sensitive skin and give way to infections. It also brings about a vicious circle of itch and scratch, which can make the condition more unbearable.
  • Lie on your side. Sitting adds more pressure on the piles, thus advisable for you to lie on your side. If you have to sit, it is advisable for you to sit on a ring cushion made of memory foam. It can help take the pressure off the piles.[/list]

These natural home remedies for piles have been proven to work well in relieving piles. However, it is highly advisable for you to seek medical advice before using any of the home remedies for piles, for you to be in a better position to choose the one that will work best for you.

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