How To Get Rid Of Piles Without Surgery: A List Of Piles Treatment You Could Adopt

Piles are also called hemorrhoids and typically refer to the thickening of cells and tissues in the anus. This is extremely painful and leads to emission of blood from the anus. So how to get rid of piles? There are a lot of natural remedies and treatments that have been effective to get rid of piles.

How to get rid of piles by proper diet, natural therapies and alternative medication?

1. Inclusion of rich fibrous food in your diet including pulses and green vegetables will help to control piles immensely.

2. Water is a natural healer. Ensure that you drink at least 3.5-4 litres of water every day. It is important to start your day by drinking a full glass of water.

3. Include plenty of fresh fruit and raw vegetable salads in your daily diet.

4. Always maintain healthy eating habits and avoid constipation by proper precautionary measures.

5. Stay away from spicy food as it will only aggravate piles.

6. Your diet must include ample quantity of curd and buttermilk.

7. Always eat home cooked food and avoid too much oily and unhygienic fast food.

8. Eating ripe bananas on a daily basis will help to heal piles swiftly.

9. Drink Aloe Vera juice every morning. This herb has great medicinal values for treating piles.

10. White radish is extremely effective in treating piles. You can either eat it or apply the paste of radish with milk on the affected parts. This will reduce the swelling and ease the pain.

11. Milder cases of piles clear up on their own without any treatment. Do not sit at one place for longer duration. Get out of your seat once every hour. Move at least 25-30 steps before sitting again.

12. Apply the wet leaf of tobacco plant on the affected area on a daily basis. It will help to heal your piles naturally.

13. Ayurvedic herbs like cassia fistula, trikatu, blumea balsamifera, ailanthus excels and mimosa pudica are very efficient in curing piles. Tripahala and Madifala are ayurvedic products that help to release impure blood and act as a coolant for your body.

14. Soak dry figs in water overnight and drink the solution in the morning. Regular intake will help in getting rid of piles naturally.

15. Improper rest can worsen piles. Reduce stress from your life and have proper sleep.

16. The powder of dried mango seeds can be taken with or without honey. Also, Jamun fruit taken with some salt will heal your piles faster.

17. Juice of bitter gourd leaves is very useful in treating piles. You can mix this juice with some buttermilk to get significant results. A solution of crushed bitter gourd roots and water can be applied on the affected parts.

18. Juice of turnip leaves is also a great natural medication. You can also mix the juice with equal proportions of spinach, carrot and radish juice.

19. Combination of ginger squash along with lime, mint juice and honey will also cure your piles much faster. You can also treat your bleeding and dry piles using onions. Add some sugar to the solution of onion in water. This is highly beneficial in curing piles.

20. Sesame seeds also help in curing piles. Make a paste of sesame seeds with water and mix it with butter to cure the bleeding piles.

21. Chebulic myroblan also helps to control and treat piles. The roasted and powdered fruit must be taken on a daily basis. The fruit’s paste along with some oil can also be applied externally.

22. Rice has a calming effect on your digestive system. Intake of rice with curd, buttermilk along with a banana is a very nourishing recipe for curing piles.

23. Regular intake of Neem water and wheat grass juice also helps in curing piles. Carrot juice helps to prevent bleeding.

24. Regular exercise including yoga and meditation helps you relieve stress and acts as a great natural therapy against piles.

25. Piles can also be controlled by losing weight and avoiding heavy exercises.

26. Pilex is an ayurvedic drug that has proved beneficial to several piles patients.

How to get rid of piles by using prescribed medication and non operative treatments?

1. There are various tablets, ointments and creams that will help you treat piles effectively. These generally prove extremely efficient in relieving your pain.

2. Proper treatment of piles needs accurate diagnosis. You can use various medical treatments for curing piles. If you have mild piles then you can take prescribed dosage of Avatrol on a daily basis for curing piles.

3. Flavonides relieve you from congestion and can be used to control the bleeding caused by piles. After proper prescription from the doctor you can take an accurate dosage of Daflon 500 mg.

4. Dobesyl is an effective medication that helps in treating piles. You can take the dosage based on your physician’s prescription.

5. You can take non operative treatment to cure first degree or early second degree of piles. In Sclerotherapy, almond oil is infused in the submucosa. This prevents bleeding. You will need 3 sessions every 6 weeks to treat your piles using this method.

6. If you need to cure second degree piles then Barron banding is an effective treatment. This treatment uses a firm elastic belt. It is tied to the basal part of the piles by a unique technique. This method doesn’t cause any pain and is generally performed by expert surgeons. The treatment is performed in a number of sessions and there is an interval of 21 days between every 2 sessions.

7. Cryosurgery uses liquid nitrogen at very low temperatures for treating piles. This procedure doesn’t cause any pain but is very expensive.

8. In Photocoagulation, piles are cured by using infrared treatment.

How to get rid of piles by using surgical treatments?

Surgical treatment is only performed in extreme cases of piles. If piles is in the advanced stage and can’t be cured using natural, non operative and medical treatments then this method can be used. It is an expensive method and might also cause certain side effects.

Today, we have multiple options on how get rid of piles. It is imperative to take proper preventive and corrective measures to avoid and treat piles swiftly and effectively.

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