How to Treat Hemorrhoids at Home Fast

Hemorrhoids are a painful condition suffered by most everyone at some point in their life. Although surgery can be done to remove painful hemorrhoids, if you know how to treat hemorrhoids at home, you will find it can be an effective alternative.

Before you can learn how to treat hemorrhoids at home, you need to know what they are and how they form. Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels, or varicose veins of the rectum. They may be internal, and not apparent by sight, or they may be prolapsed and appear as a swollen red, purple, or blue bump around the anus. They may or may not bleed. They can be veins that are overfilled with blood, or a clot of this blood can form, which causes it to take longer to heal, or the vessel may become twisted, keeping the blood in the end of the vessel causing it to swell. Hemorrhoids, also known as “piles”, are acutely painful, sore, and may itch. They are usually caused by excess pressure place on the blood vessels of the rectum. This usually happens when straining while trying to have a bowel movement when constipated, sitting for long periods of time on the toilet, as when reading in the bathroom, (this puts pressure in this area because it is not supported as when sitting on the sofa), or when holding one’s breath while straining. Prevention is the first key, but after they appear, treatment for piles at home can easily be accomplished.

When Hemorrhoids first appear, an ice pack can be applied off and on during the first 24 hours to help reduce swelling. This is the first step in piles treatment.

Here’s some suggestions on how to treat hemorrhoids at home:

1. Sitz Bath

A sitz bath can bring soothing relief for the treatment of piles that have been present for over 24 hours. This treatment for piles has long been used in hospitals for women after childbirth starting on the second day after giving birth, but it can be used by anyone who wants to learn how to treat hemorrhoids at home. The apparatus for a sitz bath, as it is used in hospitals can be purchased at any drugstore. It consists of a plastic basin that fits on the toilet seat along with a plastic bag with tubing that connects to the basin. The basin is filled with warm water as is the bag. Then the person sits on the toilet, their bottom is now soaking in the basin, and as the cooling water flows out the slits ,or holes, in the top of the basin, fresh warm water flows from the plastic bag via the tubing, to keep the water at a continuous warm temperature to bring about relief in the treatment for piles.

An easier way to learn how to treat hemorrhoids at home, that has the same effects as the sitz bath, is to just sit and soak in a bathtub filled with warm water. This can actually be more effective than the sitz bath as the water stays at a warm temperature for a longer period of time, and the act of sitting on the toilet, as with a traditional sitz bath, actually puts more pressure on the blood vessels of the rectum, aggravating the formation of hemorrhoids even more. Remember, cold, as with treatment with ice packs, is most effective during the first 24 hours for piles treatment. Heat, as in warm tub soaks or a sitz bath is most effective after the first 24 hours, as this helps the tissues to reabsorb the blood which has overfilled the end of the blood vessel causing it to “balloon up” and even leak out into the surrounding tissues and sometimes bleed, causing increased soreness. This same method of treatment can be used for almost any bruising that occurs on the body, and is not just a piles treatment.

How to Treat Hemorrhoids At Home2. Witch Hazel

One oldie but goody home treatment for piles is Witch Hazel. Witch Hazel, also known as Hamamelis virginianais, is a natural astringent and relieves inflammation of blood vessels and helps to stop bleeding. For piles treatment at home with Witch Hazel, whether bleeding or not, soak a cotton ball or soft gauze pad with Witch Hazel and dab hemorrhoids with the soaked material. You can increase the relief this piles treatment gives by keeping the soaked cotton ball or gauze placed up against the hemorrhoids, for a period of time, until the material is no longer moist with the Witch Hazel. This is easy to do as it is held in place in between the buttocks.

3. Ruscogen

When you learn how to treat hemorrhoids at home, you will find it can come in many different forms, not just topical. One of these other forms of piles treatment consist of the use of supplements and herbal remedies. Ruscogen, from Ruscus aculeatus, (also known as sweet broom or box holly), helps to relieve swelling and inflammation. This can be found at your local health food store and comes in capsules, and can be made into a tea.

milk and yogurt4. Dietary Changes

Learn how to treat hemorrhoids at home, through dietary changes, and you may prevent a lot of future trouble. Drinking plenty of water and eating foods rich in fiber can also help to soften stools and prevent the problem and need for piles treatment in the first place. You may never have to use any treatment for piles if you can prevent constipation.

5. Riboflavinoids

However, some people are more susceptible, especially as they age, so learning how to treat hemorrhoids at home may still be necessary. Increasing the amount of riboflavinoids in your diet can also help and be of use in your repertoire of methods for piles treatment. Riboflavinoids, essentially, are antioxidants and help to promote a healthy circulatory system and heal damaged blood vessels. These foods, effective in the treatment for piles, can be found in bright colored produce, the rinds of citrus fruits, and also in grape seed extract, and in green tea.

water6. Drink plenty of water

The importance of regular exercise is also an important part the way you learn how to treat hemorrhoids at home. This, along with drinking plenty of water, helps to keep things moving along the digestive tract, and prevents constipation.


Learning how to treat hemorrhoids at home is easy and less risky than surgery in addition to a being a much less expensive form of piles treatment. It is natural and has no side effects.

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