How To Treat Hemroids

Types of hemorrhoidsHemroids occur inside the anus and the rectum as a result of swollen and inflamed veins. So how to treat hemroids? These problems affect both men and women, most especially those people over the age of 30. Hemroids are a common occurrence, and in fact, it affects more than 30-50% of the population of the people all over the world. Hemroids need to be treated immediately because this could lead to a more severe condition when left untreated.

Now, before finding and applying a particular how to treat hemroids method, it is necessary to be aware of the 2 categories of hemroids. This way, it would be easier to find the most suitable and effective how to treat hemroid solution that could treat the condition in the most successful manner. The 2 categories of hemroids are the following:[list style=”information”]

  • Internal hemroids– Internal hemroids are commonly painless and they take place inside the anus. At times, sufferers would not know if they are suffering from internal hemroids because there is no pain. The recognizable symptoms are the hemorrhoid sticking out from the anus and bleeding during bowel movements.
  • External hemroids– External hemroids develop around the anus and just under the skin. The symptoms are small lumps that cause itchiness and irritation. When the hemroids produce a blood clot, it could be extremely painful. This is also referred to as external thrombosed hemorrhoid. This problem may not necessarily require advance medical treatments, but if the pain is unbearable, the thrombosis can be removed through a surgical procedure.[/list]

After understanding the 2 categories of hemroids, finding and applying the best and most suitable how to treat hemroids treatment is recommended. There are natural home remedies, over the counter medications and surgical procedures as options on how to treat hemroids.

However, the treatment would depend on the severity of the piles or hemroids. Although, it is most advised to apply home natural treatments because they are safe and can be conveniently applied at home.

Here are some of the most effective home remedies on how to treat hemroids:

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  • Citrus fruits peel– There are several citrus fruits like orange and lemon that could effectively alleviate the pain and irritation of hemroids. Simply peel the citrus fruits and then boil these peels in hot water and let it cool. Consume a glass of this solution at least twice per day, preferably in the morning and evening. Citrus fruits contain a huge amount of bioflavanoids that consist of natural anti-inflammatory and healing properties to heal the anal and rectal veins.
  • Applying hazel solution– Hazel solution is perfect for internal hemroids. This should be applied to the affected area. Using a cotton swab or soft towel can be used to soak up a hazel solution. Place the towel or cotton near the anus and leave it there for a minute.
  • Taking a warm bath– Another common home remedy for hemorrhoid is by taking a warm and calming bath. A warm bath could help relieve the pain and itchiness of hemroids. This should be done every day for around 20 to 30 minutes, up until the swelling is minimized. This will help you truly relax because the pain will subside.
  • Follow a healthy and proper diet– It is essential to follow a healthy diet by eating fresh fruits and vegetables because they are rich with vitamins, nutrients and fiber. The body needs fiber so that losing bowel would not be difficult. At times, individuals who are not able to lose bowel regularly are easily prone to hemroids.
  • Drink plenty of water– Water is very essential in treating hemroids. It keeps the body hydrated so that they body organs can function properly. It also serves as a lubricant that allows individuals to pass stools easily.
  • Apply ice packs– Use ice packs and apply them in the affected area a couple of times per day. Leave the ice packs for 20 minutes to alleviate the pain. This will effectively soothe the discomfort.[/list]

These are the natural home remedies that can be applied on how to treat hemroids. At the first sign or symptom of hemroids, they are best employed to overcome the problem. They should also be applied regularly because they can also help prevent the occurrence of hemroids. If these treatments would not work, go directly to your doctor for a checkup and to receive a proper medication.
In worst a case scenario, the doctor would recommend you to undergo a surgical procedure to remove the hemroids for good. This procedure may be extensive. You just need to be financially prepared because this could cost you some money.

Here are some other ways on how to treat hemroids include the following:

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  • Rubber band ligation– This remedy is applied by using an elastic band and cuts off the blood flow through the affected area.
  • Galvanic electrotherapy– The hemorrhoid is dried up and dehydrated with the use of electric currents.
  • Sclerotheraphy– This treatment is in a form of an injection and injected into the hemorrhoid. This allows the veins to become stronger and eventually cause the hemroids to disappear.
  • Infrared coagulation– This remedy utilizes an infrared beam that is used to burn the hemorrhoid and remove the problem.
  • Hemorrhoidectomy– This is a surgical procedure that effectively and instantly eradicates hemroids. This is considered an extensive treatment for piles.[/list]

Indeed, there are many options on how to treat hemroids. However, the best possible remedy for piles is prevention. If you can prevent this condition to occur, then it would be great so that you do not need to suffer its symptoms. This condition could bring you discomforts and eventually, it could even lead to a serious problem, most especially when left untreated.

Have a healthier lifestyle and be aware of your overall health because health is definitely wealth. As much as possible, ensure to eat the right food that is packed with nutrients and vitamins because they can effectively help in flushing out the bad toxins in the body. Take good care of your health because this will allow you to live your life to the fullest that you can truly enjoy.

Hope this article “How To Treat Hemroids” is beneficial to you. 🙂


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