Medicine for Piles

Medicine for PilesWhen it comes to the management of piles, there are a number of different piles medicines that are available on the market these days. The purpose of these treatments depends on what the symptoms that the patient experience are.

Some patients develop just itching from piles, while some develop bleeding and pain. Based on this, the treating physician may prescribe different medicines for piles.

Topical Applications

There are a number of different creams and ointments that are available that can help treat piles. In particular, they help reduce the inflammation and swelling that accompanies the piles.

Ziro creamMany of these are available over the counter, and precautions must be observed before using any such medications. We always recommend obtaining advice from a health care professional before self administering any medicines for piles.

While the choices of topical treatments are many, there is no research that suggests that one treatment is better than another. However, one treatment that works for one patient may not work for another.

Hemorrhoid creams (such as Ziro Cream) is a popular remedy for hemorrhoids. It possesses powerful anti-inflammatory properties that reduces itching, swelling and redness, and can relieve symptoms promptly. With regards to piles relief, Ziro cream are considered by many to be the best medicine for piles.

Simple Analgesics

Painkillers are readily available these days, and to some extent can help reduce pain. Paracetamol is commonly used as a medicine for piles.

Stool Softeners

constipationConstipation is a well recognized cause of piles, and excessive straining can only make piles worse.

Laxative are useful in aiding easier bowel motions that places less stress on the veins in the rectum. When combined with other treatments, it can be an effective medicine for hemorrhoid management.


Nitroglycerin is a type of topical piles medicine. It is available as a cream, and when applied to the hemorrhoids can help relieve spasm of the muscles around the anus. This helps reduce pain that is associated with piles. However, these drugs need to be used with caution as they are well known to drop the blood pressure.

Ayurvedic Treatments

pepperAnother form of medicine for piles is ayurvedic treatments. These are made from natural herbs and are relatively safe and effective in managing piles. Simple solutions such as sesame oil, pepper, turmeric and milk are effective in managing this condition. Ayurvedic medicines for piles are commonly used, but must be done so on advice from a healthcare professional.

When using any form of medicine for piles, it is important to accompany the treatments with changes in one’s lifestyle. Regular exercise and a diet rich in fibre promote easier and gentle bowel motions reducing the stress on the veins in the rectum, thus preventing pile formation.


There are a number of different piles medicines that are available that can effectively manage the condition. Treatments must be individualised to the patient, and can help relieve symptoms safely and effectively.

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