Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment During Pregnancy – Ending Your Woes Naturally

Hemorrhoids are simply inflammation in the rectal area causing acute pain and discomfort particularly while passing stool. Its other symptoms include itching ,irritation around the anal area , a feeling of fullness or the urge to relieve even when there is no bowel movement.Above all the often discomforting and disturbing discharge of blood in the stool causes great alarm.Pregnancy causes the intensifying of blood flow to the pelvic area intensifying the condition.It also occurs as a consequence of constipation that most pregnant women suffer from .There is an increase in the levels of progesterone causing the relaxing and swelling of the blood vessels which tear more easily.The extra straining while passing stool results in rectal bleeding . Almost 30-50% of pregnancies are made all the more painful because of hemorrhoids.In fact they re-occur in the post- partum phase due to strain caused during delivery.

5 Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment To Combat Piles During Pregnancy

There are numerous ways by which natural hemorrhoid treatment have benefited pregnant women.While any clinical treatment during pregnancy is avoidable to ensure foetal health, particularly during the third trimester ,there are certain simple, tried and tested ways to reduce the effect of this condition.[list style=”star”]

  • A regular cleaning of the anal area followed by application of an ice pack for not more than ten minutes will help reduce itching and inflammation.Unscented pre-moistened wipes may be used for the purpose rather than regular toilet paper.
  • Sitting in a full warm tub is not recommended, however a shallow tub for a sitz bath is highly effective for the difficult task of cleaning the rectal area thoroughly.
  • Avoid sitting for long stretches. If you must,take a short walk after a while. This relieves the pressure from the anal and rectal area.
  • Natural hemorrhoid treatment requires the intake of the adequate quantities of water and other fluids to ensure smoother bowel movement.Do reduce diuretics and carbonated drinks.
  • Strengthening your pelvic muscles doing kegel exercise routine right through pregnancy has proved highly beneficial .However as in the case of other exercise routines,consulting your doctor is imperative.[/list]

Make The Right Food Choices. Here’s 5…

Without a doubt, pregnancy is also the time to focus on perfect mental and physical health which can optimized by consuming the right kinds of food. Food choices therefore are a primary focus for natural treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

Here are some food choices that are not only nutritious but also act as a natural hemorrhoid treatment.[list style=”star”]

  • A surcharge of fiber can never harm you during pregnancy. It can help you get over the painful constipation and allow better digestion and absorption of nutrients so important for foetal health.
  • Go heavy on fruits and vegetables and low on oils ,processed foods and spices.
  • The 3 P’s- Natural treatment of hemorrhoids would need a good dosage of prunes, peas and papaya.
  • Also therapeutic to the system is the intake of apples,oranges, beans, whole grains, nuts and raisins.
  • Dry figs soaked overnight in water and eaten the next day is beneficial.[/list]

7 Herbal Hemorrhoid Reliefs For You

Natural hemorrhoid treatment gains its substance from the astounding body of research available on the benefits of using herbal and organic products for effective treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy. While conventional over the counter, steroidal creams are completely barred during pregnancy, the usage of herbs is finding a huge following . Some of the most common and effective remedies include-[list style=”star”]

  • Chebulic Myroblan roasted in a bit of oil and taken with milk or with your regular salad will lessen constipation .
  • Calendula may be applied topically for pain relief.
  • The amazing benefits of aloe vera proves itself all over again. The non-greasy, clear gel may be extracted from the leaf and applied to the affected area for lubrication and as a reliever of pain. What makes it the most popular natural remedy is its easy availability and its odorless and stain-free quality.
  • Witch Hazel used as a soak and the application of apple cider are known natural remedies.Applied with a cotton ball or soft cloth, this treatment is the most popular and effective remedy amongst all.It may be squirted directly to the affected area using a peri bottle. Applied three times a day, it will most certainly shrink the swollen vein.
  • Give the humble tea-bag a try! Use a soaked tea bag after cooling it on the ruptured area for instant relief. The tannin in the tea has an astringent that reduces inflammation.
  • Natural hemorrhoid treatment includes the use of arnica. A tablespoon mixed to a litre of water and applied to the area brings relief from pain .
  • Pamper yourself with a warm bath adding sage ,rosemary and lavender to it.They relax the body reducing the strain on the pelvic area inducing a sense of weightlessness.[/list]

While the body gets accustomed to the surcharge of hormones and higher circulation of blood ,hemorrhoids may worsen in the third trimester.In most cases however they disappear after childbirth. These suggested natural hemorrhoid treatments would go a long way in making your pregnancy less uncomfortable .Yet it’s prudent to get a medical examination done in case the bleeding increases or if one feels any painful protrusion.


Photo (Top) Credit: Peggy Reimchen

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