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Our health is very important. Once this is compromised, our work, family relationships and personal comfort can be affected. However, illness may come at a time when we least expect it. Hence, it is best to be well prepared before it even happens.

One of the most common health problems that many people encounter is hemorrhoid. In fact, ¾ of the population in America experience this condition at certain points of their lives. The impact that it will cause to the person will depend on the severity of such condition. Though worse cases may require invasive procedures like surgeries, majority of hemorrhoids can be managed through natural hemorrhoid treatment. In fact, mild cases sometimes heal naturally over time.

Simple Definition

Types of hemorrhoids“Piles” is another term used for hemorrhoids. However many people are unfamiliar with the latter word because it is not often used. If you are looking for piles treatment, it is best to understand the etiology of this illness first. After all, in depth knowledge about such disorder will make it easier for you to pick the best hemorrhoid treatment for piles. The veins that are affected on the rectal and anal area are already present even before problems on hemorrhoids occur. In fact, the name of the illness was derived from the name of the affected veins. Once these veins get irritated or inflamed, they cause pain and discomfort. Hence, management is often sought for. There are 2 types of hemorrhoids; the internal hemorrhoids and the external hemorrhoids.

Epidemiology of Hemorrhoids

Piles or hemorrhoids results from a thrombosed, inflamed or prolapsed anal veins. Such condition can have different etiology. One cause can be the person’s low fiber diet which results to lesser bulk in one’s stool. The increasing pressure that builds up during a strained defecation results to hemorrhoid engorgement causing interruptions in one’s venous return which eventually develops into piles.

The deviation in the pressure in the internal sphincter causing tension can also be precipitated by pregnancy. This can be attributed to the decreased venous return as well. Other contributory factors for hemorrhoids include prolonged sitting, portal hypertension, and weakened supporting structures due to aging.

Symptoms to Watch For

A blood on a tissue after bowel movement does not necessarily imply presence of piles or hemorrhoids. This can be a symptom of other problems like anal fissure (a tear on the anal sphincter due to constipation) or other health problems. Hence, it is best to know other symptoms of hemorrhoids so you can come up with a conclusive diagnosis. Symptoms may range from bleeding on bowel movements, rectal pain and itching. Symptoms also vary depending on the type of hemorrhoid. For external piles, rectal pain is always present. A hard painful lump may also develop due to a blood that pooled under the skin. Such condition is termed as clotted or thrombosed hemorrhoid. Streaks of blood on the toilet paper can also be noticed after one’s bowel movement; a very common result of a strained stool.

On the other hand, internal hemorrhoids are commonly spotted through a rectal bleeding. This is often characterized by bright streaks of blood on the tissue paper or on the bowl after defecation. Streaks of blood can also be noticed on the stool as well. Unlike external hemorrhoids, this type is not painful except for large internal hemorrhoids that bulge from the anus. Other symptoms include skin irritation, itching and the urge to pass out stool.

Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment Solutions

Majority of people who suffer from hemorrhoids are relieved from its symptoms through a natural hemorrhoid treatment. Below are some examples of conventional hemorrhoid treatment methods that are used nowadays:

Natural Hemorrhoid TreatmentEat high fiber foods

Since one of the causes of hemorrhoid is a strained bowel movement due to low caliber stools, increasing its bulk by eating high fiber foods will help manage the symptoms. These types of foods will also soften the stool as well.

Regular Exercise

This will improve bowel function as well.

Use Aloe Vera Gel

This is employed as a natural hemorrhoid treatment because of its soothing effect to the painful hemorrhoids. It promotes healing as well.

Hot Sitz Bath

To manage issues on decreased venous return, application of heat on the affected area can help. This will improve the circulation, thereby relieve inflammation. The duration of the treatment lasts for 10-20 minutes once or twice daily. This is done by using a plastic sitz bath that you can put over the toilet bowl. Fill this with warm water that is not too hot that will burn your skin. Then simply sit on this for 15-20 minutes for best result.

Avoid smoking.

Use Witch Hazel Towelettes

Instead of using a tissue paper, use witch hazel towelettes and pads to clean your anal area. A dry toilet paper can worsen the irritation while a witch hazel compresses contain astringent for cleansing purposes without causing any irritation problems. This decreases hemorrhoid bleeding as well. It is also used to manage swelling, itching and pain. This product came from the leaves and bark of a plant named; “Hamamelis Virginiana”.

Increase your fluid intake

Lot of fluids will help soften your tools.

Supplements may help

You can drink a bowel tonifying herbs supplement like Triphala. Many drug stores sell this product.

Taking a Butcher’s Broom Tea

This effectively improves vein circulation through its anti inflammatory and vein constricting effect. Though this is commonly taken as a tea, it is now available in a capsule, compress and topical ointment preparations as well. However, this has a bitter taste so it is best to use it with honey or stevia to improve its taste.

Use Horse Chestnut

horse chestnutsThis provides management for chronic venous insufficiency and poor vein circulation. This corrects inflammation and swelling by strengthening the walls of blood vessels. It can be bought in a capsule or tea preparation. However, this is contraindicated for individuals with horse chestnut allergy, those who are on blood thinner maintenance drug or bleeding disorders. Side effects of this type of supplement may also range from severe bleeding, kidney damage and liver damage.

Using the natural hemorrhoid treatment can be beneficial for people with mild hemorrhoid conditions. However, severe cases need prompt medical intervention and invasive treatment. However, you need to know that rectal bleeding may signify a more fatal health condition like colon and rectal cancer. Hence, it is best to seek consultation whenever you experience this symptom so you will know the proper intervention needed to correct this problem.

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