Piles Treatment: Using Suppositories

piles treatmentThere are many options that are available for piles treatment. Patients are willing to try anything to help relieve symptoms that they experience from piles.

Numerous homemade remedies are available that can help relieve symptoms and allow patients to lead a normal life.

Simple remedies include warm and cold baths, painkillers and dietary changes that allow for better and easier bowel motions.

Suppositories are also a good way to treat the symptoms of piles.

In this article, we shall take a look at what suppositories are and how they can help patients with piles.

What Are Suppositories?

Suppositories are small bullet-shaped tablets that instead of being popped into the mouth are inserted into the back passage. These tablets break down in the rectal cavity and are absorbed by the lining of the rectum.

This breakdown occurs because of the temperature of the body within the rectal cavity. Once the tablets breakdown, they then enter the blood stream and act within the hemorrhoids causing pain relief and a decrease in their size.

It is important to note that suppositories are only useful in managing internal piles that occur within the rectal cavity and not external piles that are seen around the anal orifice.

How Are Suppositories Inserted For Piles Treatment?

While the sound of placing a tablet into the rectal cavity can sound quite disturbing and uncomfortable, the procedure itself is fairly simple and can take just a few seconds to do.

The best position to insert a suppository is to lie on one side and raise the opposite leg towards the chest wall. This allows the patient to get easy access to the anal area.

It is essential that during the procedure the patient is relaxed and in a comfortable and private environment. The tablet is taken out of the packaging and is inserted immediately but gently through the relaxed anal opening.

Once the tablet passes through, it moves up into the rectum but there is a possibility that it can pop back out. For this reason it is essential that the anal orifice be contracted for a short period by the patient to ensure that the tablet stays in place.

Once a procedure is complete it is recommended that patients lie in the same position or flat for at least a quarter of an hour. This allows the suppository to breakdown and start to exert its effects. It also ensures that the tablet is definitely within the rectal cavity.

After the procedure is complete, patients should avoid strenuous physical activity or any form of activity that would increase the pressure within the abdomen.

They should also avoid visiting the bathroom for at least an hour or two till the medication has kicked in. Once this period has passed, patients can carry on with their regular activities.

How Do Suppositories Help?

Suppositories can help in a few ways in piles treatment. They can help reduce the size of the piles and also reduce the degree of inflammation. However, their use is not recommended or even advocated by a number of doctors as many feel that its effects are minimal, if any.

Are There Any Advantages?

The main advantage is that suppositories are available over-the-counter and can be easily self-administered by the patients themselves. The treatment can provide some degree of relief but the effect is always short lived.

They do reduce the pain and swelling but do not cure the condition.

Is There Any Benefit From Long-Term Use?

There does not appear to be any long-term benefit from regular use of suppositories. While it may reduce the symptoms and allow patients to go about their normal daily activities, it is not a cure in any sense.

In fact, long-term use of suppositories may delay the need for more effective piles treatment measures such as rubber band ligation or even a hemorrhoidectomy.

In a nutshell, it is not advised to take suppositories long-term but can be used for quick relief of symptoms.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Unfortunately, side-effects are an inevitable fact of any drug and hemorrhoid suppositories are no exception. The side-effects are rare and may include an allergic reaction.

If this occurs, immediate medical attention should be sought and the suppositories avoided in the future.

Other side-effects include bloody diarrhea and pain in the rectum over and above the pain being experienced due to the hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoidal suppositories may also have harmful effects if the patient is pregnant but this can vary between different kinds of suppositories.

It is always important to seek medical advice before commencing any form of piles treatment and fully understanding the risks and benefits of the treatment, especially since they are available over-the-counter.

What Are The Available Products?

The common available hemorrhoid suppositories over-the-counter include Anusol HC which contains hydrocortisone (a steroid). There are certain homoeopathic suppositories that are also available that may be beneficial for internal hemorrhoids.

Once again, it is strongly advised that the medical opinion be sought before commencing any form of piles treatment.


Any patient who suffers from hemorrhoids will tell you how troublesome and distressing they are. Short-term solutions such as hemorrhoidal suppositories can provide reasonable relief from these annoying symptoms.

However, they are not a cure for the condition and if the requirements for suppositories are increasing, it is probably time to see a doctor and get checked out.

There are more advanced piles treatments that are now available that can provide a cure for piles rather than a short-term solution. Visit your doctor today for further advice on treatment options.

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