Piles Treatment – Effective Natural Home Remedies For Piles

Pile also known as hemorrhoids is painful swellings in the lining of the anus. The pain associated with pile can be mild or acute. Piles are graded from one to four. Grade one are small swellings that are not seen from the outside. Grade two is small swellings that are pushed out when defecating and then disappear after. Grade three piles are those small lumps that hang out but the lumps can be pushed back in. Grade four piles are larger and cannot be pushed back in. there are many piles treatment but natural ones have proven very useful.

piles treatment

Natural Piles Treatment

Over the counter medication for piles may help but remember they are expensive and may also have their own after effects. Surgeries are not a hundred percent sure as there have been cases of piles reoccurring after surgery. Natural piles treatments are many and most involve using items from the kitchen. Some of the natural remedies for pile are discussed below.

1. The Indians believe drinking at least a cup of white radish juice a day will help ward off pile. Star with a small quantity and increase as you get comfortable with the juice. It is also possible to ground the radish and eat with honey. Ground radish mixed with milk can also be applied directly on the swelling.

2. Be protected from the effects of pile by mixing half teaspoon ground roasted cumin in a glass of water and drink.

3. Reduce the inflammation by directly apply baking soda.

4. Ease swollen veins by applying a mixture of carrot and beet root juice on it.

5. Aid bowel movement by drinking at least eight glasses of water per day.

6. Reduce painful swellings by drinking aloe juice.

7. Help cure pile by applying wet tobacco leaf to the swelling.

8. Soak dried fig leaves in water overnight and drink this mixture for as long as necessary to get rid of the pile.

9. Collect mango seeds when they are in season and dry them. Ground the dried seeds into dust and store in a tight container. Serve a teaspoon twice daily. Use honey if you so please. This works well for bleeding piles.

10. Jambul fruit is an effective remedy for piles treatment and when taken correctly can cure it forever. Eat the fruit with a pinch of salt.

11. Drink juice made out of the fresh leaves of bitter gourd. Apply a paste of the roots of bitter gourd over the pile.

12. A mixture of ginger juice, lime juice, mint juice and honey will effectively take care of pile.

Pile Treatments Through Changing Your Diet and Habits

1. Get involved in exercise to help tone up the entire systems. Exercises that affect the abdomen are advisable as they will end up relieving the digestive system of congestion.

2. To get instant relief from pain, soaking in a warm bath may prove helpful.

3. Consuming heavily spiced food should be avoided as this may only increase the symptoms.

4. Eat healthily and avoid artificially flavored diets. Artificial flavors contain preservatives which might act adversely on the piles treatment.

Understand that piles are most often caused by constipation and other disorders affecting the bowels. Due to the pressure on the rectal veins while trying to pass out constipated stole, pile develops. Other causes of pile may include obesity, over involvement in strenuous work and standing or sitting for long periods.

To be able to cure pile, it is important to take care of the main cause that is constipation. This will entail giving the entire digestive system a break. This can be done by avoiding eating hard food and going on a fruit diet. This should be done for at least a week. They can continue with other natural food after this. By this act, the patient stands more chance of benefiting from the different natural treatments.

Apart from the natural piles treatment outlined above, there are many more natural items that will help ease the effect of pile. Note that different people will react to these natural substances and determine if a patient has allergic reactions to any of the natural ingredients before continuing with treatment. People suffering from pile should do their own research and try out as many as possible of the remedies to see which one works best for them.


Image Credits: Hemorrhoids 1st to 4th degree, by Kuebi = Armin Kübelbeck, Wikimedia Commons (Source)


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