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Anal Itch Assist

Price: $39.95 / Month

Anal Itch Assist is a natural remedy containing pure, 100% homeopathic ingredients free from any preservatives and artificial ingredients to treat anusitis, hemorrhoid-related symptoms, as well as soothing the anal area. The product is FDA-registered and it’s safe to use for all ages, including pregnant and lactating women. Anal Itch Assist is presented in concentrated tincture formula, in a convenient and hassle-free packaging.


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Anal Itch AssistIrritated of the constant itch caused by hemorrhoids? It can be tricky to scratch the itch, particularly in public! Plus ladies, it’s not something that we can say as appealing.

It’s not just the fact that the burning sensation that you’ve been having is in that particular area: any opening into your body that has an exposed delicate membranes are one of the most sensitive area and it’s most vulnerable to any pain, discomfort, inflammation, and itching sensation from within.

Too dry on the particular area, rubbing too rough, certain chemicals and foods are some of the causes of your itch. And if you are worried, having an intense stress, or soiling accidentally can only exacerbate your itching.

And believe me; the urge to scratch can be strong. This condition is more common than you might realize, so you need Anal Itch Assist handy for the unexpected itch.


Below are the clinical effects of the ingredients in Anal Itch Assist –

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  • Fagopyrum

This flowering plant has been shown to be of benefit in managing patients who are suffering from itching. Anal itching can occur due to inflammation around the area and this component reduces this and reduces any irritation present.

  • Croton

This flowering plant is native of South East Asia. Its oil extracts have been used to treat mild conditions such as constipation. However its effects can be rather drastic and it can result in diarrhea within no time.

Of course, the concentration in anal itch assist is small and such dramatic effects are not seen. When applied to the anal area, it can help reduce itching and local inflammation.

This particular ingredient is useful, like the others, in managing itching around in the anal area. It has been shown to alter the tone of blood vessels and this prevents the leakage of fluid through them.

It is this leakage of fluid that can cause itching and this particular component of Anal Itch Assist helps reduce that significantly.

  • Kali sulph

Also called Kalium Sulphuricum, this component is particularly useful in managing inflammation. Its uses are not limited to treating anal itching but have a variety of other uses as well. Kali sulph is short for potassium sulphate, and is a normal salt in the epidermis and epithelium.

If the level of this salt is low, there occurs a yellow slimy deposit on the mucous membranes which can include the anal area. It is also a carrier of oxygen.

By maintaining the epithelium and epidermis, kali sulph helps reduce anal itching.

  • Cina

This component of anal itch assist has a variety of uses. It is particularly useful in treating itching and reduces the requirement to attempt to scratch the anal area.

This use forms part of a number of other benefits such as management of intestinal worms, coughs and colds and even twitching muscles.

  • Sulphur

Sulphur is a common component of skin, nails and hair. However, besides its normal role, it is extremely useful in managing dry itchy skin. It significantly reduces any irritation around the anal area and therefore forms an important component of Anal Itch Assist.



You need to hold the bottle upside down and drop the tincture into the mouth. Alternatively, you can also dilute the recommended amount of drops in small amount of water, sipping it slowly.

The recommended dosage is 10 drops and you can repeat it every 20-30 minutes until any unpleasant symptoms recede.


Anal Itch Assist is in 50ml bottle is priced at $39.95 and will last approximately a month. However, it will be very much depending on the frequency of use. Buy 2 and get 1 bottle free for 3 months supply.


Anal Itch Assist gives you a year money back guarantee.

Final Verdict

The formulation and packaging impresses me. I reasoned that it’s the unique and natural formulation in Anal Itch Assist, concentrated to the extent that you need just few drops to get an instant relief from various cases of anusitis.

Plus this homeopathic remedy is suitable for all ages, including pregnant and nursing women so the bottle is suitable for all family. While it’s effective at treating anal itch, the product is not made to target piles treatment, but rather to soothe the itch that comes with piles. For a complete treatment system, Venapro or Zenmed would fit the bill better.

I’d give 3 out from 5 stars.


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