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Hem Miracle And Hem Relief

Price: $64.90 / Month

Hem Miracle + Relief is a hemorrhoid treatment made from 100% natural and safe ingredients - witch hazel leaf, horse chestnut leaf, and ginger root – that are effective to provide both immediate and long term relief, as well as a preventative measure from hemorrhoid occurrence in the future. The treatment comprises in two-way approach (topical and oral)for a total hemorrhoid treatment solution.


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Hem MiracleRelieving from hemorrhoid pain has never been easier with Hem Miracle + Relief. Made from Western Herbal and Nutrition,

Hem Miracle + Relief is all about natural to treat and prevent hemorrhoid just like what ancestors might’ve done (albeit in better looking packaging!) .

Using three herbal remedies as the principal component of Hem Miracle + Relief – witch hazel leaf, horse chestnut leaf, ginger root, green tea extract, and lavender extract – the ingredients target to treat your hemorrhoid directly by soothing the irritating symptoms while healing the surrounding tissues and improve blood circulation, as well as digestive issues.

Just like any other treatment involving herbal remedies, you need to be aware of the potential side effects when using Hem Miracle + Relief. Nausea, irritating stomach, and even allergic reactions have been reported.

if you are pregnant, having gallbladder issues, and/or stomach-related issues, you need to consult your doctor before taking the supplement.


Hem Miracle Capsule ingredients

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  • Hamamelis Virginiana

Also called Witch Hazel, this deciduous tree is native to North America including Central America and east Texas. Witch Hazel extract is derived by boiling the stems of the tree, and the resultant decoction has a number of different properties that make it useful in managing haemorrhoids.

It is an active anti-inflammatory agent, and is therefore useful in reducing redness and swelling of the hemorrhoids. It also possessed astringent actions and anti-oxidant properties as well, making the veins in the hemorrhoids a lot stronger and reduces pain.

It is also rich in certain essential oils that contribute to the healing of the dilated hemorrhoidal veins.

  • Aesculus Hippocastanum

Commonly called conker tree or horse chestnut, this deciduous tree is native to South East Europe. The extract of horse chestnut seed is useful in managing hemorrhoids effectively.

It can strengthen the walls of the dilated veins, reduces the inflammation associated with hemorrhoids and is able to destroy toxins at the site of application due to its scavenger properties.

It is these properties that also make it useful for managing chronic venous insufficiency, a condition where the veins in the legs are weak and filled with blood due to incompetent muscles in the lining of the veins.[/list]

Hem Miracle Cream

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  • Plantago Major

This widely available medicinal herb has a variety of uses especially in managing hemorrhoids due to a number of active ingredients within it. It can heal wounds effectively, possesses anti-inflammatory properties and is also a pain killer.

All these effects combined can help heal hemorrhoids naturally. It also has the ability to strengthen local immunity thus promoting haemorrhoid healing by fighting any infections that may occur. Its antibacterial properties can also help with respect to this.

  • Stellaria Media

Also called common chickweed, this plant is native to Europe. In the past, it has been used in managing skin conditions that are characterised by itching, and was also used to soothe skin cuts.

These effects help contribute to the healing and reduction in itching of haemorrhoids.

  • Calendula Officinalis

This plant is native to south Europe and is often used in salads and other foods. Its extract has the ability to reduce inflammation and pain when applied topically to the haemorrhoids.

It also has antibacterial properties that help fight infections that may affect hemorrhoids and slow down their healing. It works in perfect synchrony with other ingredients within Hem Miracle cream making the mixture effective in treating haemorrhoids naturally.

  • Olea Europaea(Olive)Oil

Olive oil has been used as medicine for a variety of conditions. It can soften the skin and has soothing effects. It also forms a binding agent for the cream as well.

  • Vitis Vinifera

This is also called common Grape vine, and is native to a number of different countries such as the Mediterranean region and south-west Asia. There is excellent evidence suggesting that Vitis vinifera is extremely useful in managing venous insufficiency by strengthening the walls of the veins.

It can also reduce swelling around the dilated hemorrhoidal veins, thus making it an effective treatment component of Hem miracle cream.

  • Daucus carota

This flowering plant, also called wild carrot is native to temperate areas of Europe and Southwest Asia. It is useful in reducing the amount of bleeding that can occur from haemorrhoids, and therefore is an active component in Hem miracle cream.



For an immediate relief, Hem Miracle + Relief recommend you to take three capsules three times per day until the notable hemorrhoid symptoms gone for good.

After that, it is highly recommended that you continue to take the three capsulesper day as a treatment to return the hemorrhoid into their normal size.

And if you’re taking them as a preventative measure (which is good, actually) simply take two to three capsules daily with meals.

You can use the cream whenever necessary and it’s recommended that you apply once before going to bed.


The original price for Hem Miracle + Relief is $69.90 but at the moment the whole package priced at $64.90.


Hem Miracle + Reliefguarantee you a risk-free purchase with their 90-money back policy for any used or unopened bottle(s) during the period.

Final Verdict

Personally, I think the natural ingredients used in Hem Miracle + Relief attract the potential customers to try out for themselves but unfortunately the price is a bit high compared to other similar hemorrhoid treatment (plus this medication can’t be taken if you are pregnant, most likely due to the clinical strength formulation when you are more vulnerable to hemorrhoid when pregnant).

For that I’d rate 2.5 out of 5 stars.



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