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Zenmed Ziro System

Price: $51.90 / Month

ZenMed Ziro System is a natural-based hemorrhoid treatment and is FDA-approved. ZenMed Ziro system consist of Ziro a soothing topical cream for a near – instant relief from hemorrhoid symptoms locally (in the rectal area) and improves venous circulation while Ensa, a health supplement to treat hemorrhoid from the inside by improving your digestive system and overall bowel health. Because ZenMed is formulated with natural ingredients, ZenMed promises there will be no side effect when you are using the product.


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Zenmed reviewsEver heard of ZenMed? It’s one of the popular product people use to treat their hemorrhoid effectively, instead of using the standard medications prescribed by your doctor.

Plus, ZenMed’s ZIRO and Ensa are both formulated by doctors that are experts in this field and gain FDA’s approval, so they know what they’re talking about.

ZenMed is formulated with potent healing agents that are known for their astringent and healing qualities such as sage, yarrow, witch hazel, and organic sunflower oil to ensure you get the best treatment possible with no unpleasant side effects.

And it’s suitable for pregnant and nursing women: the most susceptible group for hemorrhoid.

The product consist of two step hemorrhoid treatment: ZIRO: the topical cream for you to apply on the ‘area’ to provide you a relief from the pain and itching associated with hemorrhoids while Ensa helps to improve your condition from within by healing digestive tract and smoothen out bowel movement.

With ZIRO, it will help you to stop the itchiness, soothe the inflamed tissues, shrink external hemorrhoid that you’ve been suffering, as well as lubricate the area for a smooth stool movement.


ZenMed have created a Ziro System (Ziro + Ensa) that reduces the swelling of hemorrhoids and aids healing fast. It consists of a cocktail of fast acting ingredients that work in perfect harmony together.

This section will cover some of these ingredients and how they are helpful in a bit more detail.

Ingredients in Ziro Cream

  • [list style=”star”]
    • Witch Hazel – This is yet another active ingredient in the Ziro system. Also called Hamamelis and being a native of North America, Witch Hazel was primarily used to treat cuts and bruises. However, it has found to enhance the tone of blood vessels, and is therefore extremely useful in managing hemorrhoids.
    • Coltsfoot – Also called Tussilago farfara, is another component of the Ziro system. It is well known for its traditional medicinal effects. While ZenMed Ziro contains Coltsfoot, it does not contain pyrrolizidine alkaloids as the company ZenMed confirms it. Recent concerns have been raised as natural coltsfoot is found to have pyrrolizidine alkaloids. Pyrrolizidine alkaloids can cause damage to the liver in infants. ZenMed products, however, do not contain pyrrolizidine alkaloids, this has been removed from the coltsfoot.
    • Extracts of Sage – Sage extracts are also present within the Ziro system. They are derived from the popular herb Sage, and bear anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. They are therefore useful in reducing pain and swelling around the hemorrhoids, providing a soothing effect.
    • Yarrow – Also called Achillea millefolium, Yarrow is an active ingredient of the Ziro system. It is an active astringent agent that has powerful healing effects. The leaves of this plant have blood clotting properties, and can therefore stop bleeding from hemorrhoids.
    • Chamomile – Chamomile tea is extremely popular these days due to its pleasant taste and medicinal effects. The Chamomile in the Ziro system possesses anti-septic properties and anti-inflammatory properties, thus helping in reducing infection and inflammation around the hemorrhoids.
    • Rosemary – This widely used herb is an active component of the Ziro system. It possesses certain compounds within it that have antioxidant properties. These can reduce the levels of toxins in the blood and those that reach the hemorrhoids as well. This can help reduce damage to the normal tissue and promote healing of hemorrhoids.
    • Althea – This herb that is native to Europe and western Asia possesses healing properties. As an active component in the Ziro system, it can soften the skin over the hemorrhoids and aid in healing.[/list]

Ingredients in the Ensa

  • [list style=”star”]
    • Psyllium – This is a high fibre plant that is produced in Europe. Commonly called Ispaghula, it is probably the most important ingredient in the Ziro system. The commonest cause for hemorrhoids is excessive straining when trying to open the bowels. By increasing the bulk of the stool and promoting bowel movements, it enables easier bowel motions and helps reduce hemorrhoids.
    • Cascara Sagrada – The bark of this plant is a powerful laxative that enables easy passage of stools. This reduces stress on the lower bowel, and thus reduces the size of hemorrhoids. If you are lactating or pregnant, avoid taking Ensa but use only the Ziro cream instead (which can be bought individually). Cascara Sagrada is also not recommended for children.
    • Rice Bran – This refers to the high fibre part of the rice grain which helps bulk up the stools and enables easier bowel motions. This is effective in reducing the size of the hemorrhoids and prevents recurrence following treatment.
    • Golden seal – Also called Hydrastis Canadensis, this is an herb that is native to Canada and United States. It bears an antimicrobial effect and thus helps get rid of any infections causing agents in the body by acting on the mucus membrane.
    • Lactobacillus Acidophilus – This bacterium is widely utilized in drinks and yogurts these days due to its property of replacing the ‘bad bacteria’ in the intestine with ‘good bacteria’. It is an active component in Ensa and it is this function that helps prevent infection in the bowel, thus promoting healing of the hemorrhoids.
    • Guar Gum – Guar gum by itself does not possess any medicinal properties. It is a commonly used binding agent when manufacturing products and is derived from guar beans. This binding property helps bulk up stools and allows for easy passage. This helps avoid straining, thus promoting the healing of hemorrhoids.
    • Aloe Vera – This plant now forms an active ingredient in numerous moisturizing creams due to their healing and soothing properties. It is an active component of Ensa and its extract is believed to have anti-microbial properties. In addition to this, Aloe vera is an anti-irritant and a great moisturizer, making all these properties of it greatly useful in managing hemorrhoids.

    The Ziro system has been shown to reduce swelling in the anal region and improve bowel emptying.[/list]


To use ZIRO, you are advised to clean the area gently before each application, which can be before or after a bowel movement. The product is safe to be used when needed up six times daily. Keep in mind to wash your hands before and after using the product to maintain cleanliness.

As for Ensa, you need to take two capsules daily for a period of thirty days.


ZenMed product pack consist of 1 Ziro (2 oz.) and 1 Ensa health supplement (60 capsules), priced at $51.90. There is a special discount if you buy more than one package.


ZenMed guarantees your satisfaction 100% or they will give you a full refund within 60 days. Like they said: no questions asked.

Final Verdict

You can expect the result within few minutes after using ZIRO with the full effectiveness taking as short as three to four days. As with Ensa, since you need to take it orally, it can take few weeks (depending on individuals) before the effect begins to appear.

But as early as few days you can expect to see a smoother bowel movement than you used to have before.

On the upside, compared to its competitors, Zenmed Ziro System offers a comprehensive treatment involving both topical and oral remedies to effectively combat piles. The downside is obviously the price which can be a wee bit pricey. But good stuff comes at a price doesn’t it? 🙂

Our ZenMed reviews here gets four and half from five stars.


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