How to Stop Piles from Itching

Itching PilesItching hemorrhoids can be a rather distressing problem to people who suffer from them.

As many people are aware, hemorrhoids are essentially dilated blood vessels in the lower part of the rectum. They occur due to constant straining and increased pressure in the veins that results in them gradually enlarging and getting inflamed.

In this article, we should take a brief look at why exactly piles can itch and how steps can be taken to stop hemorrhoid itching.

Why Do Piles Itch?

One of the reasons why a patient can develop itching hemorrhoids is because of the inflammation that accompanies the piles. As a clinical phenomenon, inflammation is accompanied by redness, swelling and oedema which refers to the leakage and accumulation of fluid in the inflamed area. The leakage of fluid can irritate the skin around the hemorrhoids and cause itching.

Difficulty defecatingTo an extent, the degree to which the piles can itch depends upon the size of the hemorrhoids. Large external hemorrhoids are often accompanied by a difficulty in evacuating the bowels.

When this occurs, the hemorrhoids can not only get larger but them getting larger can mean increased difficulty in wiping away any feces from around the anal verge after opening the bowels. Unless kept extremely hygienic, dried feces on the anal verge can cause in itching as well.

There are a few personal habits but can also result in itching hemorrhoids. For example, consumption of spicy foods, inadequate consumption of fiber and fluids and improper hygiene can all be contributory factors.

Treatment of Itching Piles

One of the first steps to take in managing itching piles is to change the way one looks after themselves. Firstly, constantly scratching the piles can in fact make the area of raw and itch even more. This is because the underlying inflammation can worsen resulting in an increase in leakage of fluid around the area.

Keeping the anus area cleanBasic hygiene is important. Keeping the area clean by washing it when having a shower or wiping it with a moist toilet paper can help get rid of any feces following defecation.

Once the area has been cleaned, it must be dried as a moist area can be a contributing factor to the development of itching. Wearing clean clothing and clothing that does not rub against the hemorrhoids (loosely fitting clothes) can help promote healing without worsening inflammation.

In the event that the above lifestyle changes do not help the patient, topical treatments may be required. These days, there are numerous topical agents that can help relieve itching piles. However, before using these, we strongly recommend that you see a physician for further advice.

Patients who have used over-the-counter remedies have found that the ones that contain natural ingredients seem to be a lot more effective than the ones that contain medicines within it. Simple remedies that are applied as recommended can help relieve itching hemorrhoids and over time stop hemorrhoids itching completely.


Itching hemorrhoids are common problem and are extremely troublesome and distressing to the patient. Simple lifestyle modifications along with over-the-counter natural remedies can effectively provide hemorrhoid itching relief. Always seek advice from your doctor before administering any treatment for itching piles.

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