Treat Hemorrhoids At Home Easy: With Food You Can Find In The Kitchen

A recent survey carried out revealed that 3 out of every 10 people suffer from hemorrhoids annually, a condition that brings much irritation and frustration to the affected. Still, with all the aggravation that comes with having hemorrhoids, a big number of those affected prefer to hush over the whole matter mainly because they are embarrassed over having a medical expert check their anus, a matter which is fully understandable. For this matter, the following read seeks to offer you information on how you can treat hemorrhoids at home and avoid that much feared trip to the medical center.

Most commonly referred to as piles, hemorrhoids is a condition caused by the inflammation of a rectal vein. The inflammation can either occur on the part of the vein that is inside the anus or outside thus resulting to external and internal hemorrhoids. While the cause of the inflammation itself is quite unclear, there are several speculations as to what might be the cause including pregnancy, lack of exercise and genetic, still, constipation seems to be the leading cause of piles, below is an explanation on how constipation leads to formation of piles.

Types of hemorrhoidsFailing to provide your body with enough roughage or rather fiber can lead to constipation and ultimately the formation of piles. The lack of fiber in your diet causes your fecal matter to become hard and compiled exerting a lot of pressure on the rectal vein while moving bowels and causing the rectal vein to become inflamed. While exercise and genetics also play a part in the cause of piles, constipation is indeed the major cause.

So why treat hemorrhoids at home in the first place?

When there are countless pharmacies and chemists that will always be ready to provide you with fast and effective treatment for your piles? To say the least, there are countless benefits that you stand to accrue when using natural methods to treat hemorrhoids at home.

For one, you to save a whole lot on money that would have otherwise been used to buy drugs. Most of the home treatments included in this read only require you to use items that are easily available at home or are quite cheap. With the cost of living it goes unsaid that when you treat hemorrhoids at home, it is way more economical.

Apart from the costs, there is the issue of side effects. When using these treat hemorrhoids at home remedies you actually do not have to worry about suffering severe and extreme side effects as is the case when using drugs. This especially applies to the pregnant women who are more susceptible to getting hemorrhoids, using natural treatment methods for the piles assures you that your unborn baby is safe from toxic chemicals.

Lastly the methods to treat hemorrhoids at home provided in this read are way milder than the drugs prescribed at the medical center. As you might have experienced, most of the medical drugs that promise to offer you fast relief are the same ones that leave you dizzy and feeling fatigued all week, to void this it is always better to settle for Mother Nature’s solutions.

Enough about the benefits of treating your hemorrhoids naturally; how do you treat hemorrhoids at home?

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1. Garlic– Boasting of a number of healing powers under its belt, garlic is actually perfect to treat hemorrhoids at home. Not only does it lessen the pain but it also reduces the swelling. Crush a clove of fresh garlic and apply the juice extracted directly to the pile or rather swelling.

2. Butcher’s Broom– Also known as box holly, this plant has been in use for centuries in the treatment for piles. It is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and works to constrict swollen veins. In this case, the treatment is taken in form of tea; add a teaspoon of the powder to a cup of hot tea and drink twice a day. The powder can also be mixed with water and applied topically to the affected area.

3. Bananas– Well known for its laxative properties, boiling a ripe banana in a cup of milk, mashing the mixture than eating it twice a day will work wonders in reducing both the pain and swelling the hemorrhoids. Still, you could skip the boiling part and only add the mashed bananas to the cup of milk.

4. Turnip juice– Use fresh turnips to extract their juice and drink 150 ml of it twice a day. You are advised to take the juice directly with accompaniments such as carrots.

5. Mango seeds– Dry a few mango seeds in the shade, the mango seeds should be from a ripe mango. Once dry, crush the seeds in to powder form for easier consumption. You can then add the powder to a small amount of honey and eat the mixture twice a day. In case you decide to store the mixture ensure the container is air tight.

6. White radish– The juice extracted from grated white radish works great in reducing the pain experienced. Apply the juice mixed with milk on the affected area twice a day after taking a shower. You could also consume the juice mixed with honey to ton down the unpleasant taste of radish.

7. Ginger– While having bleeding piles can be quite frightening and irritating at the same time fresh ginger juice, lime juice and mint juice will help alleviate the whole situation. However, you should use each of the juices sparingly to make the mixture so as to avoid further aggravating the bleeding hemorrhoids.

8. Onions– If you though onions were only good for spicing your food and making your yes cry, then think again. Rub a bulb of onion in water then mix the resulting solution with a small amount of sugar. Drink one cup a day, the results should be visible within a few days.

9. Fruit diet– You should strive to maintain a diet that prevents any further constipation which is in fact the basic cause of hemorrhoids. A lot of fruits and fiber should be included in your meals to ensure that your stool becomes less hard and compact.

From the above information, it goes unsaid that there are a number of ways to treat hemorrhoids at home, plus, not only do you get to save money when using these effective treatments but you also get the satisfaction of knowing that you treated your piles all on your own, how satisfying is that? Treat hemorrhoids at home today.


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